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Name:Femslash Front and Center
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Femslash fic recs
Femslash Showcase is a community for femslash fic recommendations.

Read the FAQs to find out more about what we do and how you can get involved!
While the FAQ's are still helpful, we'd like to open the community to any recs any time. So, you no longer need to sign up. Anyone can post recs at any time. Just check out the rules and the posting format.

Read the FAQs? Well, here are the rules!

- The rec you write must use standard grammar and spelling, and it must follow the posting format.
- The fic you rec must be high quality. It must use standard grammar and spelling and be beta read where possible (though we realize not all authors recognize their betas). But more than that, it must stand out as exceptional enough to warrant the recommendation. Consider fics that you feel are outstanding examples of your fandom.
- Check previous recs within your fandom(s) to make someone else hasn't already recommended the fic(s) you have chosen.
- No self-recs. No WIPs
- Do not link to friends locked posts.
- All entries should be tagged by category.
- Have fun! Drama is not fun, so try to avoid it.

Posting Format (in handy dandy html for your cut and paste pleasure):
We would like to thank [community profile] crack_van for allowing us to use their very efficient posting format.

Title by Author (Rating) This material goes in your subject line

<b>Fandom:</b> FANDOM IN ALL CAPS
<b>Pairing:</b> No abbreviations ( e.g. Liv/Alex, Callica)
<b>Length:</b> 10k, 20k, drabble, one-shot, novel-length; any indication of approximate length
<b>Author on LJ:</b> <lj user="fic author's lj">
<b>Author Website:</b> (or a link to where more of their fic is archived)
<b>Why this <i>must</i> be read:</b>

This is not the space to squee over why you thought this fic was so great. Please provide a few thoughtful sentences on why you think this fic is worth everyone else's time. Consider why this fic is an outstanding example of its fandom, why it is an accessable example of its fandom (e.g. it's great smut, it's characterization is spot on, it's themes exemplify themes grappled with on the show, etc).

If your review is longer than a few paragraphs, or if you're including excerpts from the fic, please use an lj-cut. Instructions on using cut-tags are found here

Link the fic at the bottom of your recommendation, outside of any cut-tags:

<a href="">Name of Fic

Your mods are:
[personal profile] twtd
[personal profile] calleigh_j
[profile] cleo2584

Need to email us?

[community profile] femme_fic
[profile] femslash_recs

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