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A Country That Has No Language by language_escapes (Mature)

Pairing: Polly/Annabelle Fritton/Kelly Jones
Length: 7818 word
Author on Dth: [personal profile] language_escapes
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

If you're going to start reading St. Trinian's fic you're going to read the Chosen and Defined 'verse. If you want a quick dip into this 260,000+ word on-going epic that also provides a nice bit of femslash A Country That Has No Language is a good place to start. [profile] langauge_escapes recommends starting the series at Having Chosen, So Defined and picking from there, but I think you can safely read this piece as a stand alone. It's a quiet piece of writing, in that it's about negotiating a relationship and finding the ways everyone fits together. It's about finding the connections between these three people, even when they connect at very different points in very different ways.

As [profile] langauge_escapes says in the summary: Because really, how can you explain a polyamorous relationship consisting of an asexual domme, a lesbian sub, and a vanilla bisexual? They fit. They love each other. Isn't that enough?

A Country That Has No Language