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[community profile] ff_showcase is thrilled to announce Guiding Light as the Featured Fandom for May!

Want to rec your favorite Olivia/Natalia fic? Leave a comment here.

Want to write recs for another fandom in May or maybe June or July? Leave a comment here!

Bear with us! We will have fandom sign up sheets for Dreamwidth soon. In the meantime, just let us know what/when you'd like to rec in a comment to this post.

Hey, what about Anything Goes Day?

- On the last Sunday of the month, we will host an "anything goes" day.
- If there is a fic you want to see recommended at any time during the month, email your recommendation (in our posting format) to Please put Anything Goes Day Rec for (Month) in the subject of your email.
- One of the mods will compile the recs and post them on the last Sunday of each month.

Posting Format (in handy dandy html for your cut and paste pleasure):
We would like to thank [community profile] crack_van for allowing us to use their very efficient posting format.

Title by Author (Rating) This material goes in your subject line

<b>Fandom:</b> FANDOM IN ALL CAPS
<b>Pairing:</b> No abbreviations ( e.g. Liv/Alex, Callica)
<b>Length:</b> 10k, 20k, drabble, one-shot, novel-length; any indication of approximate length
<b>Author on LJ/DW:</b> <lj site="" user="author's lj"> or <user name="author's dw">
<b>Author Website:</b> (or a link to where more of their fic is archived)
<b>Why this <i>must</i> be read:</b>

This is not the space to squee over why you thought this fic was so great. Please provide a few thoughtful sentences on why you think this fic is worth everyone else's time. Consider why this fic is an outstanding example of its fandom, why it is an accessable example of its fandom (e.g. it's great smut, it's characterization is spot on, it's themes exemplify themes grappled with on the show, etc).

If your review is longer than a few paragraphs, or if you're including excerpts from the fic, please use an lj-cut. Instructions on using cut-tags are found here

Link the fic at the bottom of your recommendation, outside of any cut-tags:

<a href="">Name of Fic