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What is [community profile] ff_showcase?

[community profile] ff_showcase is a recommendation community for exemplary femslash.

How does it work?

We all lead busy lives, and [community profile] ff_showcase understands that. We want this to be fun, so we only ask for a small commitment. Each month, volunteers post at least one (1) femslash recommendation per week. That's a garaunteed four (4) recs a month; though, recommenders can post up to ten (10).

What is the featured fandom? How does it work?

We choose a fandom to highlight each month and you can volunteer to rec in it.

How can I become a reccomender?

Volunteer! Read the rules first! Then check out the sign up sheets. In your comment, please indicate if there is a specific month in which you would like to rec. We wil try to be as accomodating as possible but we cannot promise that you'll get the month you asked for. It's better to tell us a month when you absolutely can't do it. If you would like to rec in a non listed fandom, there is a smaller fandom/multi fandom sign up sheet here. We will reply to you in a timely fashion to let you know your month. But please have at least one unlocked post at your journal so we can make sure you're real. Remember, we can't grant you posting access unless you join the community first. If you've been accepted as a recommender but you still can't post, check your invites.

How do I sign up to rec in a featured fandom?

After you've read the rules, check out the featured fandom sign up sheets. It's the same drill as above!

I signed up for multifandom recs. Can I still rec a fic in the featured fandom or one of the large fandoms?

Sure. Just be sure to check and see what's been recommended already.

Wait, tagging, what?

Check out the Tagging Guidelines. If you still have questions, drop a comment there!

I've finished my month of recs, but I want to do it again!

Awesome! If you want to rec in a different fandom or a featured fandom, leave another comment at their respective sign up sheets. If you'd like to keep reccommending in the fandom(s) for which you signed up, leave a comment at that signup sheet letting us know.

What if I don't fulfill my commitment?

If something major comes up and you can't fulfill your one month's commitment, let us know. If you fail to notify us, your posting access will be taken away. Things happen, so we will do case by case review of defaulters who would like to try again.

My question isn't in your FAQs!

Oh noes! Comment below with your question, and we will do our best to give you an answer.